It’s been 30 years since Big Brother’s been watching us,

But now it’s a brave new world,

And society succeeded on killing our thoughts,

These drugs and T.V. sets turned this nation of leaders with great aspirations,

And hopeful kids with nothing but potential,

To nothing but brainless Zombies,

And now the new controls our thoughts,

The all seeing lenses control the filter,

Making sure everyone’s happy,

Without a soul being free,

And when try to change the world,

You just become a copy. ..


This is “Christianity” without the tragedy,

You elect your king,

And only crucify him with what you’re fed on the blogs,

They ask,

“Is your savior?”

He’s just as mindless as us all,

But once the truth hits,

And thought start to click,

They feed you some SOMA,


Then Input your daily dose of their lies again.

You love Big Brother…



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