James was 17 and was always taking his boat out on the beach; even when he was    supposed to be in class. One Monday afternoon when he went out, he decided to take a nap. ***PAUSE*** Let me remind you that this is the OCEAN, there are sharks, Loch Ness monsters, whirlpools, etc. and this guy wants to have nap time. ***PLAY*** Everything was good, he dreamt of Candy land, his imaginary paradise. When he was there, he was alone on the island, with the boat and thousands of acres filled with trees with twizzler trunks, orange soda waterfalls, chocolate streams, and more candy than you can list. All of sudden, he is awaken by the rocking of the boat. He looks up and sees dark clouds; no beach, no boats, and definitely no candy.


He doesn’t know what to do. He would paddle home, but he’s never been this far away from shore; he doesn’t know where home is. Not knowing if the wind has changed, James decides to go against the current hoping it leads him home.


After about 15 or 20 minutes of him thinking to himself “Oh my goodness… Oh dear… I’m stuck”, he pass a “shark warning” buoy. Now James knows where he is, but it is far from where he wants to be. His mind goes out of control thinking “What if a shark bites off my arm? Will a girl ever like a guy with one arm?” and “Oh my word, what if it bites me in half?? I want to keep my pants! These are my favorite pants!” After that very thought he feels movement under the boat, and it sure isn’t a guppy. Now whatever is down there is hitting him in different patterns, so he knows there are more than one. The boat starts rocking harder and he feels it start to flip. James turns to his left and sees that he is facing the water. The things he can see are waves, shadows, and a fin. Praying that his meeting is only going to be with dolphins, he closes his eyes and braces for impact.


He opens his eyes in complete panic and fear, feeling warm and wet. He looks around and see that he’s in his room and that his clothes smell like asparagus. He looks at his clock and sees that it is 4:07 am, Monday morning. It was all just a bad dream.

The End


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