The Distance

I’ll hug you when I see you like you’re leaving for a trip,
If you ever need some love then just wish up on blimp,
And I’ll go searching for a ticket,
But only for a minute,
Cuz home comings are turning into visits,
Before I left, I was leaving,
But now I’m tripping and can’t leave without my kiss,
Put it in My suitcase before I go ahead and dip,
Packing it next to my notebook, pen, some letters, and you’re shirt that you claim is way too big,
And I’m packing the fewer clothes that I keep forgetting,
Cuz I’m setting up shop,
Turning mi casa to a castle
I know you’re gonna miss You’re Prince,
But I’ll be home in a just bit,
Cuz I’ve been fiending hit,
And I know it’s been a while,
But I really need lift,
Cuz this distance is a strain,
But I could wait for winter just to see if it’s an omen,
Just so wait a moment,
Wait for love…


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