How did Satan temp Eve?

Was it with words or orgasm slivers?

What tricks did his tongue perform to her heart spine shiver?

Causing her memory loss,

Whispering sweet nothings in her ear,

“If you love me, you’ll bite the fruit,

You’ll love the forbidden juice”

Tempting her heart,

Playing mind games in the center of the garden,

Planting seeds in the center of her mind…


I wonder what he told her to tell Adam,

“Baby this snake told me something”

Knowing Lucifer was a angel in her eyes,

But she told him,

“Adam can’t know that I’m cheating,

So be a serpent in disguise”

And it worked,

He bit the apple,

And his eyes were open

So there started the three-way of corruption, sin, and deceit,

The three-way of Adam, Eve, and Satan…


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