One night we were in action,

And in the midst of passion,

She moans in my ear “Choke me”

And I’m startled and confused at what type of Joke this could be,

So with me being unsure,

I decided it was something to be ignored,

But then she repeated her command “Choke me hard”

And I thought “Help me Lord”

And I gently put my hand on her throat,

Thinking “Whatever floats her boat”

But finding my methods unsatisfactory she says “harder”

But all can think is how I was told to treat girls like this with respect and honor,

But she continuously clogs my head,

As her screams filled up the bed,

“Harder, Harder, Harder, like you hate me”

Something that I couldn’t even make imaginary,

See, my mama raised a gentleman

And this was nothing but rough,

But she saw on face that I thought this was horrid,

I couldn’t go for it

So she grabbed my hands and did it for me…


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