I’ve often hear of girls sob stories,
They have been worn out,
They have been torn apart,
And they have had hands laid on them way too many times for my comfort…

Then I tend to think,
What if that girl was my daughter?
Could I get mad at the ignorant boy who Is probably just taking after his father,
Or would I have to accept that to be simple revenge for the hearts I put mass graves,
Then pissed on,  and stomped out,
Or would it just be society…

What could I do to stop her emotions, purity, and self respect  from going into coffins,
And to let her know that if she’s not that boys queen, then she’s still my princess,
That she doesn’t need to rush to throw her heart,
Because I can keep it safe on my night stand for her,
That I love her and support her…

Or would I be the stressful father that only pushed her into the arms of her murderer,
Led her to believe that it’s okay for her to be cheated on and beaten on by young men,
Simply because I was too “manly” and not man enough to hug her…

Dear future daughter,
Even though You’re probably 10 years away breathing,
Just know that daddy will be there,
As long as I have the chance to breath,
I’ll take you to school,
Teach you how to ride a bike,
Let your mother give you “the talk”
Choke slam the boy that’s too much like me,
Give that boy “the talk” after your mom gets me off him,
And walk you down the Isle,
And to tell you “I love you”
Even when you think I’m not cool anymore…


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