Her life spells out rough time, pain, and abuse,

So in her eyes everyone is out to get her…


Since hurt is all she knows

One day I brought her a dozen rose,

And in full delight,

She embraced and hugged them tight,

Then as she bled from arms and cried a red sea,

She looked at me and asked “Why would you use these thorns to hurt me?”

My sweet jester turned to a ironic weapon,

Her misguided view on life caused her to miss my message,

That life ain’t so rough cuz there are a lot of things here almost a gorgeous as her

But the sounds of tears splashing stopped her from hearing a word…


I never meant to hurt her,

Neither did the rose…


The next week I saw her again,

With news roses at hand,

She said “Your gift helped soften the cold heart that has hardened,

And your roses let me start a garden”…


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