Let’s sneak out,
Let’s put the car in park, and stare at the stars,
Then chit chat about which one we’re head for,
What you’re taking on the way,
And if you need a ride to that destination,
I wanna hear it…

Tell me your dreams and all,
Whisper the wishes you made on comets falling,
And which wishes you made three times,
And I promise to only snicker a tad…

Introduce me to your inner thoughts as if I was meeting folks,
And get me hip to what sits and picks on your brain cells,
Your favorite memories,
And that thought that keeps making you create that gorgeous smile…

I wanna hear about the fam that I ain’t meet yet,
And how to pronounce the family name
Describe your friends that I’ll try my best not to be mean to,
Depending on how much they mean to you. ..

The night sky is just perfect for this conversation,
So talk it up till it puts me to sleep,
Or til it’s time to get you back home,
But if I only get a few chapters I’ll come back for this night talk to open up the book again…


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