She’s lost,

Her nose ring is wet cuz her nose is running,

Running from that blow

It’s been awhile, so she knows that shakes are coming,

And not just from the cold,

She’s trying to shake her troubles off,

Fighting these demons and bad habits,

But it feels as if she’s catching heat from a mad Dragon,

And the only thing she remembers from daddy,

Is to “look up and pray to God”,

But when her eyes look for stars,

She gets blinded by the city lights,

The city she don’t belong in…


She’s lost,

She’s in a place that never sleeps,

And she’s missing her beauty rest,

It’s all too fast for her,

So now she’s on speed and LSC,

Too try and figure the pace out,

Living with strangers,

Going from couch to couch,

Finding the dealers,

Going from ally to ally,

She has no money,

But they are all willing to exchange for her natural resources,

Now she’s going to clinics for visits…


She’s lost,

Until one night,

She tweaked and ended on the other side of the bay,

Remembering what she was told to do.

And there the bridge gave her shade from street lights,

So she could finally look up to see God’s face,

She broke down,

High off her rock bottom,

She closed her eyes and prayed

“Father I need a map out of here”

She looked up and saw a star heading back home,

She took this as a sign,

And she got up and left…


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