If I had to walk down mean streets,
I’d never hide from gang bangers, or gangsters, but I’d surely stay from police,
Cuz they like to kidnap my kind,
The heroes in your eyes,  aren’t safe in my mind,
Cuz they kept my uncle and now that want my cousin til death,
They can do what they want,  they it here taking folk’s breath.
And I realized young that I ain’t like Alex and Jonathan,
And whether I’m 8, 18, or 28, they’ll just see a black man,
If they wanna kill me they can kill me, right?
If they put a gun in my hand and cocaine on me then I’m guilty, right?
But can you understand if you ain’t here sirens, and then a scream at night,
If you ain’t ever wonder why he was reaching for his holster, then You can’t feel me right?

The worst part is,
There ain’t a thing I can do about it.
They “are the law”.


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