The aches in her heart led her to this,

Games played by a man, made this girl ruthless,

It made her a murder…


Despite all the love in air, it was cold with them

He told her, she ain’t have his heart, so she took it out of him.

She took the heart of every man after this,

Kept piling them up so she could never say she was loveless,

So she could never say that she’s alone,

Her closet is full of the warmest bones,

Her bathroom has a wet knife, empty pill bottle, bloody towels, comb, finger attached to a wedding ring and a bobby pin,

Her refrigerator is full of frozen hearts from cold hearted men,

Her bedroom was full of rhythm, blues, some breeze, and a bed,

The bed had her body lying dead,

Those men didn’t show her love,

Those hearts didn’t give her life,

So she took her own…


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