Parents are suppose to come to their kids with open arms,
Not open hands and closed fist,
As you tears spill chapters,
I make wishes that blows thrown would’ve Missed…

You’ve been hurt,
You’ve cried to me about old times of abuse,
You forgave and let it slip,
But there’s no way you can forget,
And there no way I can imagine,
As listened with my lips locked,
I was burning with shock, confusion, and rage,
Wondering how do I help you deal with faded bruises,
How do I see your mom the same?
I can’t. .
I swore homicide on a man to hit you,
But I’ll officially be calling your abuser mother-in-law down the road,
She probably doesn’t think that I know. ..
Let’s keep it like that,
Keep it between us, You, her,  and that corner in the room,
I’ll keep taking it to God,
Cuz I think it’s been replayed in your thoughts too long for me to kiss away this wound,
But I’ll kiss you anyways,
Or anything to make it better…


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