going green

Her parents asked, “How’s life? How’s school? How you fit into the new scene? ”
She said “Its all good, I’ve decided to go green”

She’s puffing daily, so her eyes are lower than her self-esteem,
She’s puffing daily, she’s high so she isn’t as down as she always seems,
And it seems she’s been making love to Mary Jane for a while,
She puffs the longest, emptying bags of weed and chips by the pile,
She puffs the hardest with the way she be at it,
You would think she was the hardest addict,
But she’s still a rookie,
Still hasn’t checked off experimenting with a herbal cookie…

Her friends asked “What are you into these days?”
She said “Nothing much” while her eyes were red like a blaze…

Her head is up in the clouds,
She’s lost in her head like those blunts are too loud,
She rarely even goes out,
Only out of her mind, and out of the crowd,
She’s chilling with natural now,
She’s a brand new gal,
A brand new Queen,
All thanks to the green…


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