Team Green

He’s been flying high since he was 14,
Started as “Every blue moon”
But it seemed that the moon became blue as the sea as days went on,
And since then it’s been drop outs, lost jobs, failed pee tests, and lack of aspirations.
There’s been debt, fighting, shooting, mother’s tears, and time spent shooting up.
He’s a screw up;
He’s from school to school to clinic to rehab to cell and back to his mother’s basement.
He’s a disappointment;
Broke the hearts of his mother, his sweetheart, the pastor, his father the big hero,
And even got his sister in college hooked.
He’s numb,
He’s lost feeling, some passion, an action, reaction, and a will to fight the dragon;
He suffers from lack of apathy.
He’s dumb;
He’s dropped brain cells, class, test scores, and buds on sidewalks and trash cans,
All that green he smokes is rotting and building up mold.
He’s blinded;
He sees nothing but smoke clouds messaging foolery,
And smog making the real world look scary,
So he feels that he can survive if he’s light on his feet,
Or keeps his head in the clouds.

His whole team went green,
A team full of under achievers,
A team of the highest kids with the lowest expectations,
The highest potential,
But they just waste their time flying…


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