I drempt a heated vision,
With you slurping and me sippin,
Still not knowing how we got in this positions,
All I know is that I was aiming for organisms and submissions,
I’m using deep strokes, my goal is where your soul reaches,
I’m trying to stimulate your mind and release demons,
Angel, I’m plan to make You either sing or screams,
Our Moans make harmonies in this room of steam.
Pulling hair and biting like things untamed,
Your nails are spelling out your name,
While you tongue yells out the Lord’s,
Followed by “more baby, more”.
But not too loud, That’s what biting pillows and covers are for,
Sweating your hair out til you need to five or four…

Sweetheart climb the peak of this bed, to reach the peak of this mountain,
Quivers, lip bites, and shakes as we reach the climax and stream if your fountain.
Hitting vicious patterns, giving tongue lashes, and neck kisses,
Leaving you with something to reminisce with,
Until you sneak in my dream again…


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