Its not too dim where I’m from,
There’s enough light for shootings,
But too dark for bullets to properly spray without straying,
But I’ll be safe
Cuz the street lights stay on,
And Mama always had candles.
But I think I need a flash of change,
Cuz I want to find some brighter days,
Trying to find a flame,
But this little light of mine been hidden for while,
So I’m waiting,
I’m fighting Satin,
He think I’m his little homie,
But I’m still cold,
The sun is never warm here,
At least not compared to hell,
The shivers get real,
I think probably should’ve took the bluer pill,
Cuz at least I’d know it all is dream,
Then I can click my heels,
And wake up knowing that there’s no place like home


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