Look inside my eyes and tell me what you see in me…
Or just look through,
I heard with eyes like yours that’s something you can do,
So with these deep stares,
You see each skeleton in my closet and every demon down stairs,
Don’t be too scared venture…
Be brave enough to see every bright thought or dark secret
Cuz when you lay by my side you become the Dark’s keeper,
Gaining the key for journal of all my dreamt fantasies,
And to volt of replays for homemade film type memories,
And to the chest for every poem balled up and tossed;
The things that’ll show you the man of your dreams was never missing, just masked,
Trying to steal your heart…

Afraid to say,

“You make me melt away,
And fade just like the words I try to say,
The syllables never come out when I’m with you babe,
And I drift inside my mind as my thoughts get slayed,
But your kiss is like red roses at their funeral,
As you kill me with those eyes; a death so beautiful…
Then you steal my heart, a robbery committed so peacefully,
Dreams so gorgeous, displaying everything you mean to me;
The world and more…
Hideous nightmares showing what’s worth losing you;
Nothing at all..”

Look inside and tell me what you see in me,
Tell me about the bitter sweet dreams you see,
I hope you see my nightmare die and your dream come true,
And I know you’ll see that I love you…
Cuz I do love you…


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