by Shawn Price

Now of days there are many everyday people that become popular on social media and are called “Twitter famous,” “Facebook famous,” or “Instagram famous” (having 2,000+ followers, but following less than 500 users). Although many people gain a lot of followers on a social media network, it is harder than it looks. Before we jump into that, let us talk about Instagram. Instagram is a social network made for sharing exclusive photos and videos of your life with other users that can view and/or follow (subscribe to) your page, leave comments and send you private messages. There are a lot of ways to become “Instagram famous” and we will go over the do’s and do not’s in seven steps.

Before we start, let me tell you why I am an expert on this. I have had two different Instagrams, and my older one went from 44 followers to 5,177 followers with personal record of 912 likes in less than a year. My new IG has earned 3,579 followers in six weeks and averaging 300 likes per picture. I have helped others change their IG page around and my page (@shawn.the.vet) has been noticed by other “Instagram Famous” users.

  1. Content

The main step to gaining Instagram followers is knowing what to and what not to take pictures of. As stated earlier, Instagram is a network made for sharing exclusive photos and videos of your life. Other words for exclusive are, unique or limited. These words do not describe a “selfie” on your couch every day at 10:00 am, 1:35 pm, and 9:45 pm. They also do not describe a picture of your McDonald’s happy meal, your morning latté, the 17th video of your starving cat licking your phone, or a mirror pic of the same outfit you put on for 39 other mirror pictures. An example for an exclusive picture may be a selfie in rare location, with friends, or at an event. An exclusive picture or video may also be taking a picture of something that is uncommon or special, showing a talent, or capturing a cool moment. There is the temptation to take the photos that you know other people will “like,” because it is easy to follow trends of what “works”. But You should decide to capture the scene that inspires you.

  1. Capture

Be patient with taking pictures. Even if it takes time to capture that perfect “walking down a beach into the sunset” shot. Sometimes people take as many as 20 or 30 pictures of the same subject before they get the perfect capture. Try different angles, views, or maybe just flip your phone upsidedown. Learn how to use your camera to the best of its capabilities and then spend your time experiencing every glance world around you as you pass through it. Observation is the most important tool a “instagramer” may use. Give your photos time to develop.

  1. Edit

It’s one thing to show what you see in the world, sometimes you should show what you want to see. After you have the taken your pictures and choose the one that you want to post, you might want to alter it a tad. There are tons of editing apps that one can use that will allow you enhance and change color, shape, and detail of a picture.

  1. Speak

When you post a picture, Instagram gives you the post to leave a comment to describe to picture. But you have freedom of speech, so instead of a description show some expression. If people can clearly see what the picture is, then let them feel it.

  1. Stand Out

Sadly, being remembered is not the easiest thing to do, so stand out. Have a “thing,” something that consistently shows you in on your account. You want a person to look at a grid of your pictures and see something that unifies them. If you are a musician, an artist, writer for a blog, an athlete, a traveler, a fashionista, or even the coolest on the playground, then show it. You don’t have to display it in every post you make but let people know that you’re more that just IG user. If other users find you interesting then they are more likely to follow you, because they can clearly see what they are signing up for.

  1. Be You

The last step is to be personal. Instagram is intimate photography school.  Being exposed to so many incredibly talented artists, thinkers and adventurers who can inspire you just by being who they are or sharing what they love. Use that inspiration to connect with other, or inspire others to connect with you. Do not become like a real celebrity and not respond to comments or stop liking other users’ pictures. Instagram is a social network, so reach everyone that you can, and have fun “instagramming.”


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