Better tell your friends bye in the spring,

And tell your love the truth before summer,

Cuz things get crazy near Autumn,

And the city is burning like Sodom did,

Its time bodies laying under the sun,

Next to flowers, pictures, and lit candles,

With moms wearing black boiling in the heat,

Cuz since the heat has been roasting brain,

These kids are out here playing goons again,

Stealing drinks and candy,

Snatching purses,

Running through houses,

Merking sending other kids underground,

They’re letting their victims make the news,

And viral videos to watch from your desk at work,

Watching the mad city,

Where the people and the sun arr scared to rise,

Cuz they shoot Lights out,

The place where days get dark alot,

So you don’t see the black running up on you,

This is the place where hope is lost,

And they murder our furture,

Bringing our past to tears…


Welcome to Hell

Where this won’t stop til even the killers are melted,

And the Menaces are just corpses,

But for now well just pray to God,

That the sun cools down,

And so will these flames…


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