He’s a fool,

But now he has some power with this gun,

Just a menace,

And his head is getting crazy and heated with the sun,

So “Check yourself”

He’s only coming to jack and steal,

But don’t say no,

Cuz he’ll just rob then kill,

And here, there is no Batman to save you,

Its not safe here,

Not like before,

When places where battlefields for water gun fights,

Walking home with wet shirts,

But now like in tag there are no winners,

Just us running,

Cuz the water in those super soakers,

Got replaced with bullets flying in different directions every night,

These kids raising hell so it wouldn’t be hard to bite the dust,

These new guns are leaving a lot of us with wet shirts,

Leaving us with martyrs,

Fathers burrying sons,

Mothers burrying daughters

Leaving red stains that made washing her child’s shirt harder,

Leaving me with shocked when they say my people are feeling the angel’s touch,

Leaving me only to reply in denial Like,”man you play too much”


This bad man doesn’t care about your life,

He’s just a menace to society,

Why can’t we put his guns down?


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