the hold

After you give me your thoughts and spit,
I plan to reach deep towards your heart as if I’m refilling it.
This steep feeling of that high arch is as if I’m freeing you,
Pulling your arms back to hit your soul and unchain you,
Letting these untamed expressions shatter every mask,
Just don’t hold back…

I’ll make this visit of a few hours feel like journeys unheard of,
My favorite trip is straight to your world,
Straight to your waters,
I’m gut deep in your oceans.
If you not in the mood to swim, then I’ll take sip,
I don’t mind drowning for an hour,
Just revive my efforts,
And just don’t hold back…

I know you’ll be drained?
But you’ll save energy if you stop trynna restrain from screaming,
I see on your face that you want badly,
I see it in these back scratches and pulled sheets,I see it in thrown pillows, heavy breaths, pulled hair, and curled feet.

Just let your spirit go, and I promise these walls will burst,
And I promise these back lashes will only heal you, if you just flow with me.
Sweetheart just hold on tight, and I promise this will be your greatest ride,
And I promise that you’ll be held tonight, if you just don’t hold back. ..


2 thoughts on “The Hold (18+)- Shawn Price

  1. Reblogged this on kevinanglade and commented:
    A very talented young writer who is really inclined and gifted with wordplay and imagery. This poem was really good. As men, when it comes to love, who doesn’t feel this way. Shawn captures this perfectly here.


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