Brown skin girl…

Beautiful brown skin; fair skin,

A smooth tone at the rarest complexion,

The most beautiful mix of grace,

Yet you always seemed to be left out the conversation…


Brown skin girls, skin that cause reminisce,

The touch that’s foreign with that hometown scent,

What a wonderful gift,

A gift meant for cameras sweetheart,

A gift that just slow down everything,

I swear you simple presence makes everything better…


Brown skin girl, I wish you were fully comfortable in your skin,

And know that God had to make it perfect for his Queen,

And I’m not saying your perfect because even the Lord’s work has flaws,

But you’re pretty close…


Brown skin girl, what a gorgeous girl,

The type men dream about and fein over;

Sweet caramel paradise,

A warm getaway…


Brown skin girl, Know I don’t put you in any others comparison,

And know in my eyes, your flaws are artwork compared to them…


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