Dark skin girl…

Breath-taking dark skin; bold skin,

Sweetheart just know that black is beautiful,

The dark comforts,

Yet you always seemed to be last in the conversation…


Dark skin girls, same skin of that mother land descent,

Take me back to home in these dreams

Take my thoughts to my sweetest fantasy.

Sweetheart give me something to remember,

A bright smile, with eyes matching your complexion,

I swear you simple composure makes everything calm…


Dark skin girl, I pray you are fully comfortable in your skin,

And know that God had to make it perfect for his warriors,

And I’m not saying your perfect because even the Lord’s work has flaws,

But you’re pretty close…


Dark skin girl, what a strong girl,

The type men need and pray for;

Sweet temptation,

A warm paradox…


Dark skin girl, Know I don’t put you in any others comparison,

And know in my eyes, your flaws are artwork compared to them…


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