the party crasher

She’s getting her pay back,

She’s killing them all for every back lash,

Every back scratch

And every flash back,

Thinking “How dare they do this to me and think that there will be no justice?”

“How dare they think they’ll end up safe, I’ll make sure that they’re just dead”


She’s setting them up,

She’s said “This party will be the biggest bang of the year”

So they come and get hit with the mix she put in the beer,

Their spinning,

She’s plotting,

She’s coming for them one by one,

Trapping and shooting in the darkest corner,

She traps one when he hears screams and begs for mercy,

Following and stabbing in quietest room,

She catches them in lies and claims that they never did it,

Then hearing drags and thumps,

As she’s hiding the bodies in the closet,

Piling them up until she’s partying alone,

She smiles because their party is over…


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