bed travel

Do you want to go somewhere?

I swear this devilish ride will bring you to heavenly destination

You know I love to take you places,

And this realm of bed, floor, couch, desk, kitchen counters, and repeat

Will be an all new trip for you

These locations of bliss will feel all new at every start


Do you want to go somewhere?

This is the place where all stress gets blocked off and banished,

Where your mind takes vacation,

Your shakes arrive early, and orgasms come in packs only a few minutes after

Don’t worry about any spills or splashes

I bet these blast can quench thirst


I want take you somewhere,

And I want you to know it’s all for you

These long drives are to leave you more than satisfied

Don’t worry about my arrival; I’ll cum by the end of the journey

My goal is to have you sound asleep with a smile,

And to have you craving another ride


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