My tongue wrote this poem on your back, when you took rest next to me,

But I wiped it away so no one else could see…


The bed that I have prepared is only set up for your fantasy,

But if this kiss leads to a trip we don’t have to stop here,

We can take these dreams to kitchens, showers, steps, or floors,

Just know any destination choice is yours,

I’m just grabbing the wheel to drive in the right spots,

So after this trance you’ll wake up new and fulfilled

I’ll take care of it all,

Because I’m trying to replace all the nights you were left alone to touch yourself,

I’m going to places much deep than your last man, toy, or playtime with two fingers,

I’m going to blow your mind with much more than words…



I swear before we began this night I was dead inside,

But you brought life to something,

So I’m using my cold lips to caress the warm curves of your temple,

I’m speaking in tongues here for worship,

As you grab spots that make me thank God, Allah, and your pops for you,

I’m planning positions that will possess you and put lock to your mind.

Forget lust this is art at its best,

3 pairs of lips moist and no 3rd party attached.


I’m going stroke deep to paint the picture of your satisfaction,

Extinguishing the flame flickering in your eye,

Because when your bra hit the floor, our bodies hit fire,

And now I plan to put your body to rest.

I plan to feel your happiest pain in every bite,

And I taste ecstasy in the grin of your kiss,

As you’re showing replays of hair pulls, clinched teeth, and deep gasp,

I catch fever to your honey, having relapse after each blast,

This is the sum of desire, addiction, and absence of friction,

All mixed with your perspiration.


After that scenes, I’ll lay you down,

And as this soft blanket comforts your back lashes and arm scratches,

I crave another sip or two,

Knowing that each lick is a tic to a countdown,

So you might take off 12 more times if you let it.

It’s not taking too much at once,

It’s finally getting the night that you deserve.

I told you I’d take care of it all.


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