Photo by: Shawn Price

She is art,
This sweetheart makes this bitter world a little more like sugar,
When I get a taste, I get a feel of home,
A feel that makes me crave this jewel from Wayside .

She is art,
She has an image meant for frames,
That no frame can hold alone.
Her simple grin, glance, or lip bite is paradise,
She is poetry in motion,
Yet no poem I write reaches the thousand words she deserves.

She is art,
This beautiful token, fits every beautiful moment.
She blends in with my little slice of Eden,
But she is far from camouflaged,
And she does more than stands out,
Her elegance brings new elements to this portrait.

She is bliss,
Her look is a miracle In God’s sketch book,
Her presence is a blessing to my day,
And her absence is hell to a heart.

She makes everything seem worth it…


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