3 nines

These 3 nines for these 3 kids,

For so many different reasons,

But they grew up near the same place,

And they hold them nines the same way.


He holds that nine,

Because he wakes up to go war like school,

These bad dreams and flash backs is History,

He weighs and measures for Mathematics,

His aim work is anatomy,

And this street play is Gym class;

Shooting, stealing, and watching for these foul niggas hacking.

He has no guidance,

No pops at home,

And he refuses to pray to the Father,

Because all he hears is constant pops at home,

He just spends nights alone, staying low and away from windows,

He’s gripping the hell out that nine…


He holds that nine,

Because he’s scared of the cemetery,

I mean, he’s not from “that” side,

But his homies keep disappearing there,

And visits to certain parts got him reaching and looking back,

And he ain’t lacking, because he’s hip to the way bullets and black mask stray at night.

He’s missing classmates in History, Mathematics, and Gym class.

They were all good kids that just wanted to make it home.

But he’s alright, because he got homies down for drive-bys and homicides,

He’s alright; he gets guidance from the Lord and from his mom and pops at home,

But paranoia hits and he get flash backs of flashes, pops, and corpses,

He’s gripping the hell out that nine…


He holds that nine,

Because it’s the thing to do,

He wants that movie life,

But this O’ Dog needs prayer from Bishop or the pastor, before he meets the Boys in the Hood,

But he feels like got the Juice with this nine on his hip,

But some nights, these movies turn reality,

And his nine goes missing when the action comes.

He’s not meant for this,

He never wanted these shells to leave their home,

His gun was just for, his flag was just decoration, and his talk was just talk.

And now he just wants to hide from it all,

He’s gripping the hell out that nine…


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