She’s not a forgotten soul,
She was just waiting for you to find her…

Please believe that this girl is not looking for capes or shining armor,
Those things have failed her before,
All she seeks is your attendance,
Just know that she got to this paradise on her own two pair of heels.
She surely got it handled,
Its just that your company would make things more pleasant,
And this eclispe would make things more fitting,
I mean because, queens are never truly meant to rule alone,
Its just that some times,
The prince of the past, cheated the world and brought war to home.
She’s strong enough to resume,
She was blessed with a heart that fights lions,
But recovery is easy for no being.

Just be with your queen,
All she requires from you is a joke, an “I love you”, and a “You’re beautiful” to get through greys.

This is your queen,
Whether made this way by luck or by fate;
Appreciate her,
Because most must go through hard places and rough times to find their diamond,
Yours was sent in a dream from God.

Thats a blessing…


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