I remember when…

My big bro got me hip to some pimp shit,
Back when, I thought Daddy had a mistress,
But I was only four,
And it was just my mama, I was tripping hard,
Back when I thought throwing hands was against the law,
My mama said I was too pretty to go scrap and brawl,
But Mama know,
Come home knuckles darkened they ain’t from the snow,
“He’s out here with those kids” is what she’s being told,
And she just pray that baby boy ain’t being cold
But I’m still blurry on these stories that my Mama told,
And I swear my pops keep preaching til he getting old,
“Boy, keep your dreams, hold a fist, and save your soul,”
“Sonny keep your vision of the pussy hole”
Lord we know,
But we can’t change this sinning we just let it go,
Blood still stains our hands,
And the holy water only works if they bring back that man,
But still we stand,
Mr. Preacher give us blessings for these wicked plans
Papa knows,
He hints, tips, and leaves clues to flow,
He sees me missing in the night he fears me missing home,
He hears of kids in town catching bullet wounds,
He knows these women show me places that I shouldn’t learn,
Pops I’m just spilling children that they’ll never earn,
He knows that lights flashes and silver badges take young boys
He knows that lights flashes and police reaches take young boys
He knows life’s a bitch,
Life is this…


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