“Ice, melting in my chain
Pretty as my hair
Ugly as my name
Dirty as my gold
Comfy as my chair
Ugly is my name”

Ugly is my name;
Don’t get me wrong,
I have my mother’s smile,
But the words that sneak between my teeth are vicious,
Blessed with eyes like pops,
But what they’ve witness will put mama to tears,
Hair tangled up by God,
But the fingers used to play in it haven’t pointed to Him in prayer in a while,
And I’ve been told I’m pretty,
But I’ve never been afraid to show my other side,
And I mean, my name doesn’t sound too bad,
But I’ve thrown alot of dirt on it throughout my life,
I’ve always been one to dig my own grave.

So ugly is my name;
Villain is my name,
Sinner is my name,
Unforgiven is my name,
And now I feel just as hideous as it all…

Ugly Is My Name


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