I’ll tell you about a man who’s name switches with different cases,
Worked around the way,
But was boss on any land,
Met with Grim and did that man very bad,
He had Satan footwork and the reach of God to get any man,
Maybe not a legend,
Yet far from a myth,
He looked me in my face and he said this…

He said, “I heard you need work”
I told him yeah, because I wasn’t with McDonald’s,
He said, “Let me think a second”
And as I began to sweat,
I swear that he could smell my fear,
He asked “How much you weigh young brotha”
I stuttered a lie
He was swift, “that doesn’t matter,
I only about the size of fight in the dog.
Are you a fighter?”
I told him only when tested,
He replied “Well I’m testing you,
And you’re failing with this shakes,
Every time I lift a finger,
You reach for hip,
Your eyes are riding all over these walls,
And I can taste the sweat from here,
What you scared of young man?”
I swallowed spit and said,
“I fear nothing but God and the men too close to his gates”
He said “Look here!
I can tell if you tough through your eyes”
He assessed and said “You might not be cold stone killer,
But I see you ready to die”
I replied “Yes, I had a threesome with death and karma,
Not much else will phase me”
He laughed and said”You got heart young brotha, ”
Asked” Is yours a lion’s or solider’s?”
I explained it’s of a survivor,
I’ll do anything in this life to live,
He asked “You need this work?
Then you start today”


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