When I’m alone, I still see you homie,

At night I shake and keep on the lights,

Because when I close my eyes,

There’s you bleeding and demons screaming.

Did I ever tell you that your laugh mocks me?

I picture you joking holding that 22,

Like, “I’m ready and packing, who ever run up on me better catch me lacking!”

Yet I remember your death like it was yesterday,

The same day that I reassured your insurance,

Like “I got you brah”

And you laughed and asked “And if he got juice, my nigga?”

“Well I ain’t lacking so we got two, brah,

And if they hit you then I’ll come back and hit two, brah”

You replied, “True my nigga,

But I hit first, so they won’t ever hit you, my nigga”

Laughing at this tough guy talk,

Never thinking that the joke would be on me when they got you my nigga,

But now of days,

I just hope you sleep well…

I mean, I know your dreams are lost,

And I try to have visions for you,

But all I’m getting are replays.

I see the calm, the laugh, the trash talk, the smirk, the shot, and the corpse,

But I can’t remember what touch earth first;

You or your tooth pick.

I just know that I tried to spray back and at least hit two, my nigga,

But I apologize for near sight and shaky hands.

Lord knows I’m not the killer to avenge you anyway,

That’s why I carry you here…


I miss you bruh bruh



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