If what doesn’t kill you makes you strong as hell, then come sip some great venom,
I got some messages under my sleeves, so like ’em, love ’em, and breathe them in.
I mean, these ain’t scriptures but they’ll prepare you for the lion’s den Daniel,
I just want to lift your spirits, and give you the heart that the lion couldn’t handle,
My friend, this is your survival guide…

We all have daily goals; go out, succeed, come back alive, and have some of that good home cookin,
But what do this goals mean nothing if you don’t do all that you can to live
If you go out don’t let false prophets misguide you;
You may be too big to get kidnapped but the number of lost souls are rising.
When you finally succeed, do something with it;
Even your little bit of fish and bread can feed some people.
Know that, just because you come back alive, don’t mean you came back with your life;
This world of wolves will strip you of everything if they can, so hold on to your heart and good will.
Know that, eating some good home cookin, ain’t nothing like swallowing truth,
So eat it, like it, love it, and breathe it in.


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