Photo by : Jacob Buwalda  @Jacob_buwalda

Tis the season,
But peace ain’t on earth this year,
Santa needs a nine and a vest,
And the kids are waiting for Christ to come down the chimney this year…

Dear Santa,
I just want a white christmas,
But too many kids are left bleeding in the streets,
Tears of mourners turn snow to ice,
And the World is just doing us dirty right now.
Can you bring a gift to fix this?
Before more toys are delivered to sidewalk memorials,
Before Christmas carols become funeral music,
And before the only Angel of Christmas is death.
I mean, I know you’re not God,
But there has to be something you can do,
If this madness continues then you might be out of a job soon anyway,
So just help me out on this.
I mean I stop believing in you when I 10,
But I got lil homies that haven’t reach that yet,
They need more then presents,
They’re ready for the war of this world,
They’re just toy soldier,
I don’t want them to see the guns their fighting against.

Santa I want a prayer for Christmas.
It don’t need to be wrapped or nothing,
I just need one from you, Mrs. C, and every Elf you got,
You’re closer to God up there so I know you’ll be heard.
I need this prayer quick, fast, and in rush,
A Christmas Miracle has never been needed more.

Let us all pray…


One thought on “This Christmas – Shawn Price

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