As she fell for the one who gave her butterflies,
She found the there was a butterfly in her stomach.
Although butterflies are beautiful,
This was not the timing of her dreams,
She hadn’t finished school, dancing or her youth’s story.
I mean, she thought of ways this could be fixed,
But it was too late,
This butterfly has damn near sprouted wings in its cocoon,
So with God’s path in her sight,
She flew,
With a butterfly in her stomach…

As she traveled with this butterfly, it started to show,
But people saw her gift as a curse,
Stared, mocked, and spit at her as if her butterfly was a worm,
The told her the butterfly misted be clipped of her wings,
And slowly, these world clipped her of hers,
So with spirits low as her head was held,
She walked,
With a butterfly in her stomach…

Soon the butterfly was here,
Alive, well, and ready to fly,
But the girl was too low to reach her,
So they walked together…

It was a start…


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