Hey Guys! I’m back from http://www.bydemetrius.com to share some good news. I will be dropping the digital version o my first book, “The Shaping Of A Boy”. This publication will be with Flowered Concrete, in New York, as a collaboration with my newly found visual group, 3rd Premonition.

Under the name, Demetrius, the digital version of this book will be released on Amazon, May 3rd, while the physical release is still to be announced.

PLEASE, share and continue to look for more at:

Web: theshapingofboy.wordpress.com

Instagram: @shapingofaboy


Strength, responsibility, security, love, and respect are all characteristics  that make a man ,but what about the journey to that point of maturity? The mistakes, high times, heartbreaks, infatuation, weaknesses, recklessness, and wiping of tears; these experiences help mold a boy for the future. The obstacles faced by many that were once silenced, now find a voice and a place within these pages. It is a rite of passage , marking a transition from adolescence to adulthood. This is not the happiest story or  a fairytale , it is a life journey with both joyful and tumultuous times at the core. You must know the truth to understand that this, is the shaping of a boy.
This not a story of growing up; it’s about survival.


To find me:

Instagram: @ByDemetrius

Web: bydemetrius.com

twitter: @iamdemetrius


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