I am a 18 year old named Shawn Demetrius Price aka “Vet”, I was born in Portsmouth, VA, but now I am living in Maryland. I write, because I know if I speak; I live.

That’s all that matters.

Email Me: sdprice246@gmail.com
Instagram: @shawn.the.vet
Comment: #TheVet for a follow back

Twitter: zig_zag_zig



18 thoughts on “About Shawn The Writer

  1. You’re young — yet have the mind of an older man who has or is willing to walk the distance. So walk the distance. Prove to your family and friends that the insight you share is worth their attention. We live in a time that is fraught with division and contention and hate.

    Poets are seers. We peer not only into the future, but, more importantly, into the present. See what is, Shawn. Visit those places few have the will or patience to travel to. “I have a dream” came about because someone dared understand the moment. Things are not as they appear. Have faith that the voices at the edges are truer than the shouting and hatred you hear around you.

    It will not be easy. And you will incur the disdain and anger and wrath of those around you. Seek what is true. Pierce the shields and defenses with your insight.

    Are you a leader? Then lead. Discipline, Shawn.

    This may seem strange to others, but I think you absolutely know what I’m talking about


  2. Hi Shawn. Never lose your dream or your drive. You can do anything and I’m sure you will. It’s so nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m enjoying your page here. Take care. 🙂


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